Bad Animal Broken City, Calgary AB, January 29

Bad AnimalBroken City, Calgary AB, January 29
Photo: Chris Gee
Enthusiastic indie rockers Bad Animal took over the Sugar Shack stage at Broken City with their punk-influenced riffs last night (January 29). Despite vocalist Ben Painter's concern about the cool temperatures on the patio, the band's performance was able to warm up the crowd. The personality of the members of Bad Animal shone through via their high energy, thrashing songs.
Their playing was urgent and fun, lead guitarist Marek Skiba soloing to the point of his guitar strap coming off and their bassist playing from the floor by set's end. Painter sang through a megaphone for some songs as his bandmates hammered away with passion. The musicians played as a unit, their fluidity grounding the tracks, letting Painter experiment with different vocal stylings. Although their recorded material is sparse, it's evident that the members of Bad Animal have honed their skills through putting on raucous live shows, and this one was no different.