Babe Rainbow 'Pay Your Bills' (beat tape)

Babe Rainbow'Pay Your Bills' (beat tape)
Prolific Vancouver jack of all trades Babe Rainbow (aka Cameron Reed) has issued a litany of releases and remixes since jumping in the game a couple of years ago, so you'll forgive the dude if he half-asses it just a smidge on his new beat tape Pay Your Bills.

A collection of unfinished instrumentals, the four-song quickie pairs a ton of breathy and ethereal backwards-masked vocal samples atop crushing snap beats ("Pay Your Bills") and wobbly boom-baps ("Savew").

"If you rap on one of these tracks please do it well and let me know," he said in a statement.

You can stream the whole thing below. Also, if you think you've got the skills to sling rhymes on these beats, why not show up at Babe Rainbow's new monthly hip-hop and R&B party YOLO (You Only Live Once) with a mic in your hand. The event premieres tomorrow night (March 16) at Vancouver's Waldorf Hotel.