Autoliner Be

Chicago's Autoliner is a superb example of top-notch power pop. With a slim line-up of John Ross, Tom Curless and Brian Leach (from Last Gentlemen, Diamond Star Halo and Sugarbuzz), the sound is remarkably big. The three members trade off lead and backup vocals, creating dynamic triple-vocal harmonies that perfectly augment their already energetic sound. Tracks like "Misunderstood" may enjoy a little extra brass, and strings do find their way onto the slower "Lightouse," but the real focus here is straight-up guitar pop, echoing old school British new wave and American indie gurus like Bob Mould and Fluf, albeit not as aggressive - kind of like a happier and less complicated Manic Street Preachers. Be is made up of ten quick anthems that will leave you dizzy and very satisfied. Not since Poole's Alaska Days has the American indie scene managed to flush out all these diverse influences into a consistently solid mix, and Autoliner have pulled it off brilliantly. As a nice touch, they've done a cool cover of Alice Cooper's "Living." This is great stuff. (Parasol)