Attika 7 Blood of My Enemies

Attika 7Blood of My Enemies
Evan Seinfeld (ex-Biohazard) returns here with a surprisingly not-in-your-face mixture of hardcore, dated, angsty industrial rock (think White Zombie during their heyday) and straight-ahead groove metal. Songs like "All or Nothing" and "Devil's Daughter" just kind of plough ahead in a Black Sabbath groove, almost displaying a maturity that Seinfeld never took the time to explore musically before. Some tracks, like "Greed and Power," are simplistic punk tunes, to a fault, while a spoken-word interlude ("The Hard Cold Truth") wasn't the best idea. The band – rounded out by bassist Tony Campos (Soulfly, Static X, Prong, Possessed, Ministry) and Rusty Coones (the motorcycle builder) – certainly lay down a solid, full sound, one that ends up sounding a bit annoyingly tough-guy and dated, with its grooves and occasional post-grunge, Vedder-esque emoting ("Dying Slowly"). But it's not quite as bad as you might think. I mean, it's only embarrassing 40 percent of the time, which for Seinfeld, is pretty impressive. (Rocket Science Ventures)