Atmosphere Southsiders

On Southsiders, the Minneapolis duo of Slug (Sean Daley) and DJ Ant (Anthony Davis) are back with another batch of their catchy, emotional and brutally honest brand of indie rap. Lead single "Bitter" sees Slug kicking his own ass (whilst testing out his singing chops quite decently) over Ant's digitized-xylophone-flavoured backbeat, which sprinkles a little Cali-funk on their Midwest blues. Listen back through their impressive catalogue (Fun fact: Did you know they've been in the game longer than Bieber's been alive!?) and you'll notice a couple of trends: one that stands out the most is the fact that Slug has always been a very honest and relatable dude that listeners can easily identify with. That doesn't change here on Southsiders.

Peep the awesome bar piano and doo-wop throwback of "Arthur's Song," which has Slug sipping on something and confessing (most likely) his sins and thoughts about his last cigarette a few years back. Rap fans that know these OGs know exactly what they're going to get when these guys deliver the tunes. There are never any surprises, nothing too flashy: there's the standard gimmicky track that borrows its name from a celebrity (this time around Slug blows a sonic kiss to wifey on "Kanye West"), and the rest of the album is all head-nods and life lessons. It's a tried, tested and true formula that has allowed these two humble cats from the land where Kirby Puckett smacked homers to do this for so long. Here's to many more years. (Rhymesayers)