Arthur's Landing Pay Tribute to Arthur Russell with New LP

Arthur's Landing Pay Tribute to Arthur Russell with New LP
In recent years, we've seen a resurgence of interest in Arthur Russell. The late songwriter and composer, whose output ranged from disco to neo-classical to avant-pop, has achieved increasing levels of acclaim thanks to a documentary, tribute album and various compilations. Now, he will be receiving another posthumous career boost thanks to an album by Arthur's Landing, a tribute group made up of many of Russell's former collaborators and friends.

The 13-track self-titled collection will be out via Strut on January 17 in the UK. According to an announcement from the label, it will contain "entirely new arrangements of Russell's works, some already well-known, some heard for the first time." The album, which features the cover above and will be available on CD and LP, was produced by Brennan Green and the band's Peter Zummo.

You can see the tracklist below, if some of the song titles look unfamiliar, it's because Arthur's Landing took some liberties in reinterpreting Russell's work. Loose Joints' classic "Is It All Over My Face" is retitled "Love Dancing," while "In the Light of the Miracle" is reborn as "Miracle 2." There are also rare cuts like "I'll Be Fencing," which Russell only recorded in demo form.

Band leader Steven Hall said, "We've been playing our friend Arthur's music for 30 years, but never get tired of it because we find his legacy to be an open source of dazzling inspiration. As troubadours on this sonic pilgrimage, we celebrate and strive to share our unique and intimate knowledge of the material."

Arthur's Landing previously brought their tribute show to Canada earlier this year. Expect a world tour in 2011.

Arthur's Landing:

1. "Your Motion Says"
2. "Miracle"
3. "Go for the Night"
4. "Singing Tractors 64"
5. "You Can't Go Back"
6. "Love Dancing"
7. "Singing Tractors"
8. "It's a Boy"
9. "I'll Be Fencing"
10. "This is How We Walk on the Moon: The Way Things Happen"
11. "I Want to Change My Life"
12. "Singing Tractors 323"