Ariel Pink's New LP Is 'Dedicated to Bobby Jameson'

Ariel Pink's New LP Is 'Dedicated to Bobby Jameson'
Nearly three years on from delivering his popcentric pom pom LP back in 2014, Ariel Pink has lifted the curtain on the follow-up album.

Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, Pink's latest, will arrive September 15 through Mexican Summer. It features 13 tracks and a lone feature credited to Dam-Funk. The release marks Pink's first solo album for the label.

Pink revealed in a statement that the title refers to late Los Angeles musician Bobby Jameson, whose "book and life resonated with me to such a degree that I felt a need to dedicate my latest record to him." 

Pink has also shared a new video for his previously released single "Another Weekend." You can find the Grant Singer-directed clip in the player below.

Dedicated to Bobby Jameson:

1. Time to Meet Your God
2. Feels Like Heaven
3. Death Patrol
4. Santa's in the Closet
5. Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
6. Time to Live
7. Another Weekend
8. I Wanna Be Young
9. Bubblegum Dreams
10. Dreamdate Narcissist
11. Kitchen Witch
12. Do Yourself a Favor
13. Acting (ft. Dam-Funk)