Are Foo Fighters About to Announce Their Breakup?

Are Foo Fighters About to Announce Their Breakup?
Goateed rock'n'roll saviour Dave Grohl has spent the last 22 years growling out the jams as the frontman for Foo Fighters, and now some people believe the band is about to announce their retirement.

Last night, the group took to Twitter to promise that an official band announcement was on its way, and now the internet is going crazy with the idea that the members are about to stop fighting foos and focus on other things.

The rumour was stoked by Page Six, who reported that Dave Grohl is about to ditch his fellow rockers in search of solo stardom. A source told the tabloid, "The band is billing it as a 'break,' but it's totally Dave going solo, and Taylor [Hawkins] is pissed about it."

C'mon Dave... hasn't Taylor been through enough lately?

Meanwhile, a rep from the Foo Fighters' camp told Entertainment Weekly said that rumours of a breakup were "utterly ridiculous." They didn't confirm or deny the possibility of a Dave Grohl solo album, however.

Either way, Foo Fighters promised that their big announcement was coming tonight (March 2), so stay tuned.