Aphex Twin Hires Programmer to Make Mutative Music Software Program

Aphex Twin Hires Programmer to Make Mutative Music Software Program
As previously reported, 2014 found electronic mastermind Aphex Twin (a.k.a. Richard D. James) issuing his Syro LP and various rarities. It now appears that the possibilities of more Aphex Twin material coming our way have become limitless, with the producer reporting that he's "hired" a programmer to pioneer music software based on the "concept of mutation."

A recent Q&A with James had him revealing he'd contacted an unnamed Chinese programmer to prep a new piece of musical software that analyzes and infinitely "mutates" the sounds you feed into the program. "You give the program some sounds you made and then it gives you six variations of it and then you choose the one you like most and then it makes another six and it kind of keeps trying to choosing the variations by itself," James explained to Groove [via FACT].

He added, "It's a bit like that, but more advanced, but basically it starts with a sound, analyzes it, then does different versions of variations. It randomizes, it compares all of them to the original and then it picks the best one."

Though details are slim on the actual concept developer, as well as if and when the software will hit the market anytime soon, Aphex Twin says the program is shaping up nicely in its early stages.

"It sounds totally awesome, but it needs to be tweaked a little bit. I will continue with this. I have a whole book full of ideas for software and instruments."

In addition to the concept of "mutated" material hitting us in the future, Aphex Twin had previously announced that he had six albums in the works, including a pair of "non-commercial, abstract, modular-synthesis, field recordings" that he had finished back in 2006.