Anubis Gate Anubis Gate

Anubis GateAnubis Gate
This self-titled album is the fifth full-length effort from Danish progressive metal band Anubis Gate, and their first release with Minnesota-based Nightmare Records (after releasing their first four albums with Locomotive Music, based in Spain). Anubis Gate is also the first album released following founding member and primary vocalist Jacob Hansen's sudden departure, with vocal work now handled by bassist and former backup vocalist Henrik Fevre. These changes have had a positive impact on Anubis Gate, making their latest album stronger. Fevre's vocals are clean and bright, creating a more balanced sound and providing an excellent counterpoint to the chugging, pounding rhythm section. The songs are dramatic and theatrical; "Hold back Tomorrow" and "River" are easily bombastic enough to hold their own on a film soundtrack. The varied time signatures and technical prowess mark Anubis Gate as progressive metal, but the solid song structures, hooky choruses and slightly exotic flourishes make this, above all, an enjoyable album. (Nightmare)