American Spring

Anti-FlagAmerican Spring
Although they have been a band for upwards of 20 years, Anti-Flag have yet to lose their momentum with their latest release American Spring. The 14-song set doesn't stray from their established aesthetic or show particularly significant musical growth, but it accomplishes what it sets out to do, and delivers the band's message via brisk, punchy punk tracks.
The songs are well structured, for the most part, but are heavily reliant on hooks to remain memorable. American Spring could benefit from being more succinct, as its best moments hits hard and fast: "To Hell With Boredom" clocks in at less than a minute, unloading all of its rage and anxiety before ending as violently as it began. It's more effective than most of the longer songs, like "Brandenburg Gate" and "Sky Is Falling," which tend to drag a bit in comparison.
Justin Sane's gritty, half-shouted vocals add to the impact of his stark lyricism, as he paints a picture of a world in a state of crisis, and a society in desperate need of reform. As a whole, the album makes a bold statement, and regardless of its somewhat predictable execution, it's still effective. (Spinefarm)
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