Another Pipette Bites the Dust

Another Pipette Bites the Dust
Once again, it’s rocky times for the Pipettes. Following the recent departure of two-thirds of their original line-up, the polka-dotted pop act has announced another Pipette has bit the dust.

Via the group’s MySpace blog, the trio shared the news that the newly enlisted Anna MacDonald has left the group after only a brief six-month tenure. According to the post: "The most recent addition to the Pipettes, Anna MacDonald, has abruptly announced her decision, but days ago, to pursue a song-writing career outside of the band.”

MacDonald’s departure follows that of Rose Elinor "Rosay" Dougall and Rebecca "RiotBecki" Stephens, who left the group in April, leaving the only original Pipette, Gwenno Saundera, and her sister Ani fronting the band.

In the post, the Pipettes say plans for their next album "are still afoot,” but they’ve been forced to cancel their performance this Friday (November 14) at the SWN Festival in Cardiff, England.

And as such, "our quest for the perfect Pipette continues."

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