Angel Haze "A Tribe Called Red" (prod. A Tribe Called Red)

Angel Haze 'A Tribe Called Red' (prod. A Tribe Called Red)
While we await the arrival of her impending debut LP Dirty Gold, Angel Haze has shared a new track featuring production from A Tribe Called Red.

According to the rapper, it's not the final version of the song. That makes a fair bit of sense, considering it doesn't even have a title. However, the pairing of her intense staccato delivery with A Tribe Called Red's busy beat is a match made in heaven. It's hard to see how she could improve on this song (other than by, you know, naming it).

UPDATE: According to Consequence of Sound, the track is in fact called "A Tribe Called Red" as well, with Haze explaining, "It's short named ATCR. Accentuates the Native American chanting and everything else."