Andy Stott Luxury Problems

Andy StottLuxury Problems
Over the last few years, UK-based label Modern Love has been one of the most consistent outlets for forward-thinking electronic music. Andy Stott's follow-up to 2011's Passed Me By and We Stay Together EPs continues this trend. Luxury Problems is a highly impressive full-length album of dark, atmospheric techno. Five of the eight tracks feature vocals from Stott's one-time piano teacher, Alison Skidmore. As a result, Luxury Problems sees Stott treading in previously uncharted sampling territory; he creates droning cuts and loops of Alison's vocals in a similar style to those of ambient veteran Bvdub, blending them with heavily filtered, spaced-out industrial beats, similar to those heard on his previous EPs. Stott explores a variety of tempos on the album, with powerful downtempo tracks like "Numb" and "Lost and Found" giving way to the quicker, eerie grooves of "Sleepless" and "Luxury Problems," which could easily find their way into an adventurous dance floor set. (Modern Love)