Andrew WK and Evaporators Team Up for Split Seven-Inch

Andrew WK and Evaporators Team Up for Split Seven-Inch
Two of the most exciting personalities on the fringes of rock'n'roll, Andrew WK and Nardwuar the Human Serviette, have announced that they'll be joining forces for an upcoming split seven-inch. The record, titled A Wild Pear, will be available on white vinyl and digital download on June 23.

The release includes artwork from renowned punk cartoonist Mitch Clem, and sees Andrew WK covering Canadian punk classics "Oh Canaduh" (originally by the Subhumans) and "Don't Sell Hotdogs Tonight" (originally by the Leather Uppers). Meanwhile, Nardwuar and his Evaporators bring a new song, "The Bombs In My Pants!," and a cover of "Oh Non," originally by Montreal garage legends Les Hou-Lops.

In a typically out-there statement, WK said, "I consider this release to be the result of a magical circle, one that started for me back in high school while living in southeast Michigan. Having the opportunity to meet Nardwuar was a dream come true and the first time the circle connected. Getting to make this record with him is the circle coming together another time, and I'm very grateful. Out of respect for dreams coming true, I dedicate my contributions on this seven-inch to Canada, Nardwuar, and my wife, Cherie Lily."

In celebration of the release, the Evaporators and Andrew WK will be playing a free in-store at Vancouver's Neptoon Records from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on June 23, with an early bar show at the Biltmore to follow that same night.

As previously reported, WK and Nardwuar previously "peared up" late last year in Vancouver during Mint Records' annual Christmas party, when WK made a surprise appearance midway through the Evaporators' set.

Here's the tracklisting for A Wild Pear:

The Evaporators 
1. "The Bombs in My Pants!"
2. "Oh Non"
Andrew W.K. 
1. "Oh Canaduh"
2. "Interview: Nardwuar vs. Andrew W.K."
3. "Don't Sell Hot Dogs Tonight"