Andrew WK / Danko Jones Foufounes Electriques, Montreal QC — October 12, 2002

Bring out your filthiest pair of jeans, strap on your dirtiest T-shirt and raise the devil symbol in the air. This was the raunchiest, most rockin' show to hit Montreal in months. Danko Jones delivered a hot and sexy set of their finest bass-driven rock, but the night belonged to Andrew WK. Backed by a band of metal-heads, Andrew WK's philosophy is that the band is not the people onstage, but a collaborative effort between the musicians and the audience. Therefore, one crowd surfer after another got onstage and sang with AWK, receiving a warm welcome from the man himself. It's been a long time since any band has put in as much physical effort into their live show, punching themselves in the head, flailing their arms, leaping high into the air. Please, oh please, Mr. WK, release a workout tape.