​Alvvays Hint at 'Antisocialites' LP with Mysterious New Music Snippet

​Alvvays Hint at 'Antisocialites' LP with Mysterious New Music Snippet
Toronto indie darlings Alvvays released their debut self-titled album in 2014, touring extensively in support of the record through 2015. They've been understandably quiet for the last little while, but it looks as if that's about to change.
The band returned to social media this afternoon (June 2), sharing a mysterious animated clip accompanied by a snippet of new music and the caption "exeunt cavern."
The illustration depicts a guitar and an amp (with a rabbit sitting atop), a Tarot card for the Hermit, a young blonde woman clutching an Alvvays record and a packet of pills dubbed "Antisocialites."
In most traditional Tarot decks, the Hermit can represent both a need to withdraw from society to become comfortable with oneself and a return from isolation in order to share knowledge with others.
Here's hoping the end of Alvvays' quiet phase is near, and that the band are about set to return to the public eye with some knowledge in the form of new music.
In fact, a particularly keen Redditor has already put the new audio snippet through Shazam, and the app labelled the song "In Undertow" from a forthcoming album titled Antisocialites. A potential tracklisting has also surfaced in the Reddit thread, which you can peruse over here.
While we wait for an official album announcement, check out the cryptic new clip below.