Alistair Blu "Feelin' Simple"

Alistair Blu"Feelin' Simple"
Best known as the emcee/synth player from Montreal outfit Busty and the Bass, Evan Crofton is ready to dedicate some more time to his solo work as Alistair Blue while his band is off the road. With his Fictional Imprints EP set to arrive this spring, Exclaim! is giving you a chance to hear leading single "Feelin' Simple," ahead of time.

The track makes use of jazzy keys, horns, and a rhythm section of drums and hand claps to support Crofton's vocals, which are pitch-shifted at points, reminiscent of production master Madlib's alter-ego Quasimoto.

"This song deals with the monotonous routines that I find myself locked into from time to time," he explained. "It's about the inability to view the world in a more light-hearted fashion. 'Feelin' Simple' is supposed to cheer me up."

Fictional Imprints is set to arrive on March 11. For now, take a listen to the groovy "Feelin' Simple" in the player below.