Alex Calder Releases 'Mold Boy' LP for Record Store Day

Alex Calder Releases 'Mold Boy' LP for Record Store Day
Montreal lo-fi pop crooner Alex Calder recently delivered a proper release of his Strange Dreams LP, but the album's already being treated with a follow-up of sorts, as the artist has unveiled a new album's worth of material set to hit shelves next month as part of Record Store Day.

From 2010 to 2013, Calder recorded a collection of music under the name Mold Boy. Now, those songs have been repackaged as a 14-song Alex Calder album.

The album's art, available above, was designed by Sebastian Mejias. We also get a taste of the release via a video for "Moving Slow."

Animated by Cole Kush, it's as weird as it is wonderful. The video stars a young CGI mole boy (not a "mold" boy) who walks through a hallway, longingly stares at Calder on a video screen and holds up the album's cover, which reads "FUCK YOU!" in a garish typeface. Watch the video for "Moving Slow" below.

Mold Boy will arrive on April 18 via Captured Tracks.

Mold Boy:

1. Intro
2. Rewind My Mind
3. Moving Slow
4. Disease Freak
5. Carlito
6. Years
7. Boil
8. Take A Dip
9. Lost My Day
10. Living In Motion
11. Microscopic
12. The Hum
13. Fidelio
14. New World Focus