The Agonist Once Only Imagined

The AgonistOnce Only Imagined
This young Montreal band deliver a somewhat fresh take on the series of female-fronted metal bands that seem to be popping up everywhere attempting to capitalise on the success of Lacuna Coil and Nightwish. While most folks into said bands enjoy the softer, more melodic female vocals of this side of metal, the Agonist’s front-woman Alissa White-Gluz’s vitriolic vocals are far better than her singing voice. Behind her is a sound best compared to the fine mix of chugging and melody Unearth have recently served up. Pace-wise, there is a great mix of slower, more distinctive pieces that when mixed in with the increased tempos (laid down by the nice drum work of Simon McKay), give some great variety. Interestingly, the Agonist fill their lyrics with politically-charged messages and White-Gluz maintains a strict vegan and straight-edge lifestyle. Needless to say, this band have enough storylines going for them that this record could definitely resonate huge with the metal media. Though it is nothing outstanding — it fails to deliver anything truly memorable besides the strong vocal performance — the buzz around the band and their busy touring schedule for the rest of the year (on separate North American tours with Sonata Arctica and Enslaved) could see the Agonist placed amongst the metal elite of tomorrow. (Century Media)