Adele "Hello" (live on 'SNL')

Adele 'Hello' (live on 'SNL')
Celebrating the release of her new, gigantic 25 release, Adele took a couple of the album's tracks to Saturday Night Live this weekend to wow the masses. In addition to breathtaking performances of "Hello" and "When We Were Young," the UK singer's music played a big part in a sketch too.

First off, Adele brought her A-game to "Hello," standing centre stage to boom out a mix of crushed and nostalgic lines alongside her band and  choir. She would later deliver a likewise powerful version of similarly past-reflecting ballad "When We Were Young."

Millions worldwide are expected to buy 25, owing in part to the album not currently being available on streaming services. Further displaying her reach, a Thanksgiving-themed SNL sketch argues that no matter if you're the most liberal figure at the dinner table, or its most bitter bigot, the music of Adele will always bring us closer together.

You'll find the "Hello" performance and the collar-tugging awkwardness of the related sketch down below. The "When We Were Young" performance is not yet streaming in Canada.