Addison Groove Transistor Rhythm

Addison GrooveTransistor Rhythm
Bristol's Antony Williams kicked off his career in the trendy dubstep vein, producing his debut album in 2008 for Tempa under the name Headhunter. Keeping with the times, Addison Groove represents his transition into the more footwork-based bass music currently sweeping the UK, first with a handful of well-received singles and now Transistor Rhythm, on Modeselektor's 50 Weapons. Unfortunately, Spank Rock make two predictable and disappointing appearances that derail the album, saying "pussy" and "fuck that" a million times in "Bad Things," and then proceeding to spew "fuck" and "fuck you, bitch" ad nauseam in "Beeps." After that, it's hard to give Williams the benefit of the doubt when it comes to taste level. His studio skills are arguably on a competitive level with Planet Mu's finest, hitting a smooth balance of shuffling percussion and bouncing beats, with abrupt changes to keep with the flourishing genre's minimal aesthetic. However, after that many unnecessary expletives with sexist overtones, it makes the whole album sound rather juvenile and its relative simplicity like less a purposeful choice. As such, Transistor Rhythm should be taken with a grain of salt. The lower your expectations, the better it will seem. (50 Weapons)