Acid Pauli Get Lost V

Acid PauliGet Lost V
This is another sterling release from alterna-electro label du jour Crosstown Rebels, which has been releasing a steady stream of quality electronic music for years now. Taking a trip over to Germany with the latest instalment of their Get Lost series, the label commissioned DJ legend Acid Pauli to create a mix of epic proportions. Clocking in at over two-and-a-half hours, and taking in his off-kilter productions as Console and remixes for artists like Soulcenter and Raz Ohara, Get Lost V is a solid introduction to the strange and wonderful world of Acid Pauli. There is even the odd curveball in there, with a lilting acoustic cover of Radiohead's "Idioteque," which adds a distinct Back to Mine feeling to the mix. The draw on Get Lost V is tracks from Pauli's influences and peers. Cuts from tour-mate Nicholas Jaar and classics in the world of outsider electronica from Autechre and Berlin party stalwart Dirty Doering add a distinct "room two at Berghain" feel to proceedings. This is an essential mix if there ever was one. (Crosstown Rebels)