Acid King

Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere

Acid KingMiddle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere
It's been a decade since San Francisco, CA's Acid King released their last album, 2005's Acid King III. Now, the stoner doom masters offer up their much-anticipated fifth full-length, titled Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere. The trio, led by front-woman Lori S., have been extremely influential within the genre since their 1993 inception, along with the likes of Sleep, despite their lack of new material over the last ten years. But Acid King's time away from the studio hasn't impacted their sound much, as the new album maintains their classic, sludge-infused psychedelic doom style.
Starting with the fuzzy, Sabbath-esque "Intro," Middle Of Nowhere is crushingly heavy throughout. "Silent Pictures" features corrosive rhythms and soaring vocals, while "Coming Down from Outer Space" and "Laser Headlights" contain colossal riffs, thick, sludgy bass lines and echoing, hypnotic vocals. Powerful tracks "Infinite Skies" and "Center of Everywhere" are massive and well-composed, featuring distorted guitar work and spacey atmosphere. Although it's been a long time since their previous record, with Middle Of Nowhere, Acid King have managed to create an album that fits in perfectly with their flawless catalogue. (Svart)
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