​'Urban Myths' Pulls Michael Jackson Episode Following Family's Criticism

​'Urban Myths' Pulls Michael Jackson Episode Following Family's Criticism
A trailer teasing Joseph Fiennes's role as Michael Jackson in Urban Myths is all we're going to see from the controversial episode. The Sky Arts program has pulled the episode, announcing that it will not be airing "Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon" in the wake of harsh criticism from Jackson's family.
A statement from the show [via Billboard] reads:
We have taken the decision not to broadcast "Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon," a half hour episode from the Sky Arts Urban Myths series, in light of the concerns expressed by Michael Jackson's immediate family. We set out to take a light-hearted look at reportedly true events and never intended to cause any offence.
The episode in question was to tell the "true…ish" story of a roadtrip that Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando allegedly took together after 9/11.
Following the trailer's release, Jackson's daughter Paris took to Twitter to voice her concerns with the project. She said she was "incredibly offended" by it and called the performances "insulting" to both her late father and late godmother, Taylor.

"It honestly makes me want to vomit," she said.
The original official Urban Myths trailer is no longer available on YouTube. Other episodes focusing on stories about Bob Dylan, Cary Grant, Samuel Beckett and Adolf Hitler are still set to air when the program debuts on January 19, and an updated trailer for the show can be watched here.