​The Oscars Back Off That "Popular Film" Category

​The Oscars Back Off That 'Popular Film' Category
Last month, the Oscars revealed plans to introduce an award for "outstanding achievement in popular film," but the Academy has now decided that the new category will not be introduced at next year's awards show after all.
Following very mixed reaction to the idea, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has decided that it "merits further study," according to Variety. They claim the introduction of the category will be postponed to avoid challenges for films that have already been released this year.
It was initially supposed to be included at the upcoming 91st Academy Awards in 2019.
Other proposed changes to the awards ceremony — which suffered a record low number of viewers in 2018 — include trimming the broadcast to three hours by presenting awards during commercial breaks and airing that footage later in the show.
Beginning with the 92nd Academy Awards (to air in 2020), the show will also be moved up from February 23 to February 9 in an attempt to fend off viewers' award season fatigue.
The 91st Oscars will air on February 21, 2019.