Stripperella: Season One Uncensored

Let's start by getting all the ridiculousness out of the way, just to lay out the playing field. Stripperella, conceived by Marvel comics guru Stan Lee and starring Pamela Anderson, is an adult-oriented cartoon that chronicles a superhero by day and erotic dancer by night (the hours are killer). To clarify: Stripperella is the superhero half and Erotica is the stripper half. The entire show rests on over-the-no-top cartoons of women who already get described as cartoonish: giant boobs, tiny waists and a giggling "aw shucks" attitude about sex and themselves — the typical het male fantasy fodder that has populated comics for decades. And in some ways Stripperella aspires to be no more than that and that's cool. But what makes the show a pleasure that sustains itself beyond those guilty moments is its breezy attitude, its playful self-awareness on the superhero side and a quick enough wit to realise that puns are death unless delivered in rapid-fire bursts. From the "naughty" sexual innuendos — skiing at Mount Me, fighting off the evil Queen Clitoris (who must be licked!) — to the in-joke superhero banter, Stripperella succeeds by not taking itself too seriously. It helps that this load is lightened by only 13 episodes and no burdensome commentary or extras. It's a snack — no need to be reading the ingredients looking for nutrition. (Spike/Paramount)