Spaceballs: Collector's Edition Mel Brooks

Spaceballs: Collector's EditionMel Brooks
If ever a film deserved to be satirised, it was Star Wars. Luckily it was in 1987 by comic genius Mel Brooks, and it was done with the right amount of stupidity and intelligence. Also taking the piss out of Star Trek, The Wizard of Oz, Alien and Planet of the Apes, Spaceballs is a non-stop barrel of laughs right from the opening two-minute sequence of a ridiculously elongated spaceship. Complementing the wildly lampooned script is the stellar ensemble cast of Brooks (in two roles, including the Schwartz master Yogurt), John Candy (as Barf the mog), Bill Pullman, Joan Rivers, Daphne Zuniga and most excellently, Rick Moranis as the evil Dark Helmet. However, this collector's edition is more about special features. Stretched across two discs are a plethora of goodies that make this a must own for any Brooks, Lucas or Spaceballs fan. Brooks delivers a highly entertaining and absurd commentary where he teeters between forgetful old man and wisecracking prankster (you can never tell). Even better is the inclusion of the film in the dangerous "Ludicrous Speed," which takes about a minute or so to watch, which is ludicrously faster than hitting fast forward. "The Documentary" features interviews with most cast members (minus Candy, of course, and disappointingly, Moranis, as well) and takes you to the very beginning of Mel Brooks's plan to make another genre film. He discusses how he asked George Lucas, a true Brooks fan, for approval, explores how "you have to love what you spoof" and tells how he took everything that was "space-ish" a little further by making it "Jew-ish." "In Conversation" features even more discussion on the film between Brooks and writer Thomas Meehan, which immediately discloses that the first title of the film was the equally suitable Planet Moron. Plus: "John Candy: Comic Spirit," storyboard to film comparison, trivia game, photos and more. (MGM)