Regina Mayor Says "Nope" to 'Deadpool' Statue

Regina Mayor Says 'Nope' to 'Deadpool' Statue
Last weekend, Ryan Reynolds' R-rated Marvel movie Deadpool absolutely crushed the box office. The Tim Miller-directed flick was packed with jokes, and one offhand mention of Regina has a fan lobbying for a statue in the Saskatchewan city.

Luke Oliver started a petitioning the city to build a new statue dedicated to Reynolds' wise-cracking hero.

Trouble is, Deadpool's Regina reference is likely one that the city's residents have grown tired of by now. In the movie, Deadpool makes an age old vagina joke, saying he's form, "Regina, Saskatchewan, the town that rhymes with fun!"

Whether or not he was offended by the crass nature of the Regina reference, Mayor Michael Fougere was extremely blunt about the potential erection of a Deadpool monument.

On his Facebook page, he shared the CBC's story about the statue with a simple, blunt, "Nope."


Posted by Michael Fougere on Wednesday, February 17, 2016