Police Are Using 'Stranger Things' Spoilers to Deter Criminals

Police Are Using 'Stranger Things' Spoilers to Deter Criminals
Photo courtesy of Netflix
Law enforcers have long implemented cruel and unusual pop culture-inspired punishments to prevent bad behaviour — be it PEI police threatening drunk drivers with listening to Nickelback, Minnesota cops punishing the same crime with repeated viewings of Justin Bieber's Super Bowl ad or a simple Taylor Swift-referencing road safety reminder in Iowa. The latest instance of the creative crime prevention tactic comes out of East Lansing, MI, and it involves Stranger Things.
The East Lansing police have been keeping residents on their best behaviour by warning them that a trip to jail will result in spoilers about the second season of the hit Netflix show.
As "extra motivation," the police department claims that it has "taped Stranger Things spoilers all over the walls of our jail this week."
Hopefully the local Halloween-ruining drunked pumpkin smashers took the hint and stayed in to binge watch the show (or High School Musical) instead.
See the hilarious Twitter warning below.

We think Hawkins, IN, police chief Jim Hopper would approve.
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