Miles Teller Screams at Uber Driver After Car Crash

Miles Teller Screams at Uber Driver After Car Crash
The ongoing war between celebs and Uber drivers wages on. Earlier this month, T.J. Miller was arrested after allegedly slapping his hired driver. Now, another actor has had a run-in with a user of the service.

Miles Teller (or, as he's known in Canada, Kilometres Teller) was driving around the San Fernando Valley with his girlfriend yesterday (December 22) when an Uber made a sudden move in front of him.

As a result of the driving error, Teller's Bronco flipped over. Clearly, the accident was not his tempo as Teller proceeded to freak out at the driver. "You fucked up my truck!" he yelled. Apparently he had to be restrained from attacking the driver.

Neither Teller nor his girlfriend were hurt, though the two Uber passengers did report minor injuries.

Weirdly, Teller's characters have been in major auto accidents in movies like Bleed for This and Whiplash (pictured above). Teller was also in a serious car accident in 2007 that resulted in scars on his face.

Thanks to TMZ for the tip.