Keanu Reeves Finally Wrote a Book About Shadows

Keanu Reeves Finally Wrote a Book About Shadows
Have you ever wondered what Keanu Reeves was thinking about that one fateful day when he was sadly eating lunch on a bench? As it turns out, he was most likely thinking about shadows and what they mean. That is, after all, the topic explored in his new book.

The actor and Dogstar performer took a break from plotting Bill and Ted 3 to get philosophical as hell about shadows in a new art book called, well, Shadows.

The book is a collaboration with visual artist Alexandra Grant, and a write-up explains that it "explores the real and symbolic nature of the shadow as image and figure of speech."

Not pretentious enough for you? Peep this lengthy quote from the press notes:

What exactly is a shadow? Is it light tracing an object or the shape a body throws when it comes between a light source and a surface? Is it a metaphor for the intimate, darker side of a person's nature-as Carl Jung postulated-and the unconscious side of one's self, where daemons and secrets are kept hidden or repressed? Is it an allegorical place between darkness and light, death and living? Or is it a state of illusion, like Plato's cave? Is it a verb that means to follow or accompany, or even to spy on?

Shadows is available now through Steidl.