'Ghostbusters' Fans Can Finally Own a Life-Sized Slimer Doll

'Ghostbusters' Fans Can Finally Own a Life-Sized Slimer Doll
Say what you will about Paul Feig's forthcoming Ghostbusters reboot, but whether he delivers the goods or not is a moot point in the world of merchandising. We've already got some super gross Ghostbusters foodstuffs on the way, and now there's the greatest ghostly gift of all — a life-sized slimer doll.

The green ghost is set to arrive via toy manufacturers NECA, who have created a beast out of moulds from the original 1984 Ghostbusters film.

The Slimer doll is made up of foam rubber and latex, all of which has been hand-painted. The toy measures up at three feet tall.

If this Slimer doll is something you need in your living room, you'll want to save up for its August launch date. After all, the toy will cost you $700 USD. For more information on the NECA Slimer doll, go here.

Paul Feig's Ghostbusters, on the other hand, will haunt box offices on July 22.