​Get a Sneak Peek at Honus Honus's Upcoming Tour Documentary

​Get a Sneak Peek at Honus Honus's Upcoming Tour Documentary
Man Man's Honus Honus branched out with a solo record titled Use Your Delusion earlier this fall, spawning singles like "Heavy Jesus" and "Raspberry." Now, the artist is giving us a look into the live incarnation of his music with a glimpse at an upcoming tour documentary called Dead Again.
He took his experimental pop tunes out on the road back in November and has teamed up with directors Justin Carlton and Jamie Wheeler to capture some of that trek on film.
The directors approached Honus Honus mastermind Ryan Kattner about making the film, which Kattner saw as an opportunity to document what it's like for "an 'old road dog' to hit reboot and have to earn a new audience all over again" — a process he ultimately sums up as "Sisyphus with a mustache: a lesson in determination & delusion."
The directors, meanwhile, tell Exclaim! that their aim was to tell a story "about a man that truly touches the lives of fans and friends with his music and charisma, despite the struggles he may encounter."
As Kattner tells Exclaim!, those struggles include "a lot of rest-stops, shady motels, bleary eyes, sleepless nights."
"Most importantly, I hope viewers can get a glimpse at the unique kinship that blossoms between those who travel and make music together," he said. "It's a really special thing to be able to go out there and share your music with others and even more magical when you get to do it with people you love. Being in a band, in this day and age, is pure madness but it sure beats the alternative of sitting around and dreaming of doing it. Right? Where's that boulder?"
The documentary has yet to receive a release date, but you can get a sneak peek at what's to come by watching a teaser trailer for the film project down below.