Captain Mike Across America Michael Moore

Captain Mike Across America Michael Moore
It’s disturbing to see the lengths people go to promote themselves. Take Michael Moore, for example. Sure, the man may mean well, and his films do (at their best) deliver morally strong, constructive messages but this is just a whole new low for self-congratulatory propaganda. And to think he attempts to disguise it all with "Trust me, people, I am the anti-propaganda!” a total of five times throughout.

If Moore were as intelligent as he says he is, he would think twice about touring the States to insist that he’s a great guy who hates Republicans, loves to vote and loves you. Is it not human nature to think something’s amiss when someone repeats how "great” and "non-profit” his/her intentions are over and over again?

Watching the man hobble around from college to college preaching outdated political protests (i.e., the war in Iraq, the Florida 2000 scandal, health care cuts, etc.) gets awfully tiresome, especially since we’re so used to seeing the man confront power and corruption in the face with original and usually well thought-out attacks. And unlike his previous films, each of which focused on one specific social issue, Moore is all over the place here, which is why the movie starts and ends rather messily.

What we get with Captain Mike Across America is 97 minutes of Michael Moore receiving standing ovations and looking like the only philanthropist in this world that matters, calling out Bible-thumpers in the crowds with forgettable quotes like, "You’re all so ignorant because you send poor men to fight a rich man’s war!” and the classic, "What would Jesus bomb?”

We get it, Mike: bad things happen to good people and that’s truly sucky. But that doesn’t mean you get to enter a reputable film fest with your collage of blurry home videos (dully partitioned with ripped-off news clips from Tivo) and expect an instant revolution. This is nothing but a narcissistic video diary that’s full of the same old complaints: "I hate Bush,” "please vote,” "life isn’t fair,” "god save America.”

There are, however, two fantastic solo-acoustic performances by Eddie Vedder and Tom Morello, respectively, which make it worth the rental fee. Just be sure to fast-forward to them. (Alliance Atlantis)