Bill O'Reilly Officially Gets Booted from Fox News

We can already hear Cam'ron taunting him with a "you maaaad"
Bill O'Reilly Officially Gets Booted from Fox News
While we've certainly been enjoying Alex Jones' ridiculous public downfall, he's not the only right-wing blowhard facing some serious scrutiny. Longtime Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has been fending off multiple sexual harassment allegations, and it now looks like they've cost him his job.

According to a New York Times report earlier this month, Fox News has reportedly spent $13 million to silence accusations of sexual harassment hurled at O'Reilly. In a new report, yet another complaint surfaced on Tuesday (April 18).

As a result of this controversy, New York Magazine reports that the Murdochs have decided to terminate O'Reilly's contract, thus ending his 21-year run of yelling about politics on TV.

Sources say O'Reilly's departure from the network will likely be announced next week, when O'Reilly returns from a vacation to Italy. Further, executives at 21st Century Fox are set to host emergency meetings on how they can part ways with the ridiculously high-rated news host without causing damage to their network.

UPDATE (3:30 p.m. EDT): It's official, Bill O'Reilly's out. Read a letter from Rupert Murdoch confirming the split below.

Strangely, the sexual harassment allegations have caused an uptick in viewership for O'Reilly, though it's not necessarily paying off. After all, over 50 companies have rescinded their advertisements from the show.

Watch Cam'ron's instantly iconic "you mad" scene from The O'Reilly Factor below.