Originally released in 2003, following some label issues and prior versions, Dopesmoker is Sleep's final album and a stoner metal classic. The Bay Area band and Southern Lord have now taken up the reins in order to give the record a proper release with this deluxe reissue. It's immediately clear why Sleep's former label, London Records, had a problem with the album, since Dopesmoker contains only one song: a 63-minute ode to, of course, weed. The remastered version of "Dopesmoker" sounds cleaner and more powerful, the guitars sound heavier, with a much larger presence, and the mesmerizing complexity of the track has been reinvigorated. The reissue also features new artwork and a previously unreleased live version of "Holy Mountain," one of Sleep's most anthemic tracks. With a more dynamic and drastically enhanced sound, this is how Dopesmoker was meant to be heard. (Southern Lord)
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