Laetitia Sadier

Ukrainian Federation, Montreal, QC, September 19

Laetitia Sadier
Were expectations too high and based upon Laetitia Sadier's notorious pedigree? Yes. Nevertheless, the former Stereolab singer had a room that seemed won in advance before she even struck a chord on her SG. Still, the trio, buffed up by electronic sequences that resonated well with the natural reverb of the venue, didn't perk up the evening after a sloppy intro, and by two songs into the set, it was clear that even though Sadier's voice is a truly sumptuous coo, some of the magic was not operating. The soft-spoken singer joked about it, calling their missed cue ''teenagers jamming.'' Although Sadier's performance managed to showcase the trio's handful of versatile, folky Tropicália-tinged numbers from the singer's recent Silencio album, their Pop Montreal set was at best the extra push needed to listen to the LP at home and call it a night.

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