Lullaby Death Jams

JapandroidsLullaby Death Jams
This is the sound of brilliance in the form of disintegration. This limited-run EP from Vancouverís Japandroids (or JPNDRDS) delves into a slow sense of chaos and is an immaculate follow-up to the bandís debut, All Lies. That first EP was marked by the distinct impression that there were way more people in this band than only Brian King and David Prowse, and that same sense of being sonically berated remains with Lullaby Death Jams. But this time around thereís something tighter and crisper happening ó a sense of controlled commotion. It all translates into dramatic, haunting tracks like "Darkness on the Edge of GastownĒ and "Luciferís Symphony.Ē The Lullaby Death Jams EP is just what its title suggests, sounding like a slow, grinding decline into something dangerously tempting. (Independent)
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