Festival D’été de Québec

Festival D’été de Québec
The Festival D’été de Québec is a big, annual, summertime jimmy-jam that happens in beautiful, old, poutine-filled Quebec City. Being huge and awesome, it's got everyone from Van Halen to Primus, although we missed both by a day. We did, however, get to watch NOFX from the side of the stage, in the middle of the plaines d'Abraham, in front of 40,000 people. If you want footage of me losing my mind with teenage joy while stealing Fat Mike's vodka, hit me up. I have about an hour's worth.

Given the huge breadth of artists present during the few days we were in town, it seemed like the best video to make from all the crap we got was a cheesy tourism video. There's just something about Quebec City that makes you want to tell everyone about how gosh darn special it is. Like Fat Mike, I can't imagine living there right now, but I can totally envision myself growing a mustache, learning to smoke cigarettes, and moving there when I'm 60 to mutter sexy things to young French women and drink good wine. Don't know if Mike said that exactly, so maybe that's just me. But basically, Quebec City is preposterously gorgeous and well-preserved. And the Festival D’été de Québec is a perfectly diverse experience for all the different people living in and visiting the city. The vibe is relaxed and the beer is expensive. So it's perfect.

Emelie Clepper "Free She Will Go"

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