The Ex-Boyfriends

Coming Before the Next One

The Ex-BoyfriendsComing Before the Next One
Despite the somewhat lame name, Calgary, AB’s the Ex-Boyfriends know how to rock. The refrain of "some people never put a fist through a window,” from album opener "Chinese New Year in Vancouver,” sets the tone for the album. There’s no posturing here, this is dirty, biting rock’n’roll and it doesn’t let up from beginning to end. Definitely an album better listened to at high volumes, the sheer force of the songs speak for themselves. Tracks like "Drowning in Shallow Days” ooze guitar riffs, while songs like "9:30 in the Afternoon” push, punish and generally make you remember what it means to have some rock with your roll. Slip in a few pop-influenced moments, a taste of rhythm and blues, and some good old-fashioned love songs and you’ve got yourself one fine record. (Appropriate)
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