The Ex-Boyfriends Painless Bleeding

Calgary’s the Ex-Boyfriends like their rock’n’roll dirty, fearless and tough, and these six songs are just that. Lead singer Djewel Davidson sounds like he’s singing every song with his teeth pulled back in a vicious sneer. Bassist Glynnis Ewashen and guitarist Michael Paton play in a frenzy that sounds like they’ve had plenty of practice crashing into whatever objects might be in their way. TXBF sound like the band that the cool kids in high school had, except grown up enough to actually know how to put a song together. This is loud, obnoxious, snotty music that’s just out to have a good time and not show off any special effects. Fitting right in with the gritty garage punk aesthetics of the Dipers and the Hunches, TXBF are a nice slap in the face to everyone else who’s trying way too hard. (Catch and Release)