Canadian Music Venues

Wax Nightclub

123 King St W, Kitchener, ON

No college/university town would be complete without its student hangout. Because there’s no cover charge, Conestoga College and University of Waterloo students usually turn to the Wax Nightclub for a night out. But don’t let the name and clientele fool you: this is a proper music venue as much as it is a nightclub. As such, while the Wax has cheap drinks, drunken courtship, and corrupted youth just like any other nightclub; it has also played host to acts such as Classified, USS, Dragonette, and Monster Truck
This venue - which admittedly has an outward appearance so banal that most first-time patrons walk by it without noticing its existence - has a very aesthetically pleasing interior. When filled to capacity, the Wax’s 700 guests can enjoy watching the complex lighting/laser displays play out over a backdrop of tastefully vulgar decor. 
Located on King Street West, The Wax Nightclub sits along the main drag of Kitchener’s downtown core. The venue is available to rent for special and corporate events, and has weekly events as the “Saturday Social,” featuring a rotating lineup of special guest DJ’s. 

As a concert venue, reviews of the Wax are generally positive, with visitors reporting “very well balanced sound” and “a decent amount of room to bounce around in” (Ryan L., on Yelp.com, 2016). Concerning the quality of the hospitality, reviews are a little more mixed: Maddie P., also writing on Yelp, writes that “the service was great and quick, [and the] drinks were awesome” (2017). But Robbie F., writing on TripAdvisor, reports that he and his group of friends were kicked out (because one of them was “falling asleep”), after which his wife was forced to abandon her coat as a result of the coat check failing to locate it (2016). 
It is also worth mentioning the Wax Nightclub’s dress code. They do not permit steel toe boots, bandanas, excessively ripped jeans, tank tops, jerseys, "gang coloured" attire, or track pants (https://www.waxnightclub.com). The first item makes sense, but after that, it gets a bit problematic. What with music being all about personal expression and inclusivity, it’s difficult to understand their aversion to harmless articles such as jerseys and tank tops. 

With all this in mind, we’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s worth going to the Wax. Once in a while, when a big act does come here, you get to see a good show, at a respectable venue, for a bargain price - just make sure you choose your outfit carefully. And no matter what, don’t bring your favourite coat.