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Dolan’s Pub

349 King Street, Fredericton NB

Dolan’s Pub lies within the infamous Fredericton Tannery, the city’s answer to a party district. The one-floor establishment boasts a 150-seat outdoor patio that’s permanently packed in the sunny season, and live bands perform inside most evenings after 10 p.m. Dolan’s offers decent pub food, a large drink menu and, depending on the time of year, the kind of boisterous, loud environment that you would expect from an Irish Maritime pub.
Live music at Dolan’s tends towards crowd-pleasing cover bands (Ten Mile House, Nine Mile River, Shaydid, Angry Candy), country-rock singers (TJ King), Classic rock bands (Mad Mary) and the occasional foot-stomping Celtic group (Pogey). Acts perform on a small stage in front of an informal dance floor that’s usually overflowing with enthusiastic patrons. Drinks are permitted on the dance floor, so watch out for puddles of booze and shards of glass being kicked by carefree dancers. This isn’t an ideal spot for an intimate date, but rather a place to hit with a group on a night of drinking and dancing — or at least sitting back and watching the action.
Dolan’s Pub is accessible by taxi, is located two minutes from the main bus depot at King’s Place and is within walking distance of all of downtown Fredericton. Washrooms are located up a steep flight of stairs.

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