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Black Cat Tavern

801 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon SK

Formerly known as “Vangelis Tavern,” Black Cat Tavern is known for bringing all types of music to Saskatoon, whether it’s rock, punk, electronic, folk, or something in between. Formerly regarded as a go-to late-night pizza joint, concert booker Rich Taylor explains that the quirky venue often draws some confused looks from bands when they first arrive. However, the musicians’ fears are quickly put to rest once they see the stage equipment and start performing to an often enthusiastic crowd.
Owners Jodie Uliski and Greg Figg revitalized the venue in 2018 and changed the name to match both their personalities and their vision of hosting some of the weirdest and best touring acts coming to Canada. Past performers at Black Cat Tavern have included Merzbow, Thee Silver Mt. Zion, July Talk, Bend Sinister, Jessy Lanza, Lido Pimienta, Monster Truck, Juliet Ruin, Madchild, Ingested, Dayglo Abortions and more.
Black Cat Tavern hosts a lot more than just live shows from touring bands, though. They also operate a bi-weekly comedy night, monthly punk rock bingo, trivia nights, record nights, and game nights. Beyond all of that, local musicians have the opportunity to test their skills at the venue’s Open Stage Sundays.
While concert-goers are enjoying the music or after the show is done, Black Cat has tons of stuff  to keep people around until closing time. Patrons often come in for the pizza and beer specials, but they also have pool tables, a VLT room, pinball machines, and ping pong available.

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