Zulu Pearls "Lightweight" (Dirty Beaches remix ft. Sapphire Slows)

Zulu Pearls 'Lightweight' (Dirty Beaches remix ft. Sapphire Slows)
Berlin-based Zulu Pearls (a.k.a. Zach Van Hoozer) is serving up the upcoming Lightweight EP with original compositions and complementary remixes from a handful of artists. The title track itself arrives in altered form via a collaboration between beloved pop-noire performer Dirty Beaches (a.k.a. Alex Zhang Hungtai) and Tokyo's Sapphire Slows, which you can hear ahead of the record's October release.

As remodelled by the guests artists, the remix flexes its muscles with punchy, "Rockit"-style snare clacks, dream-casting keyboard lines and popcorn-popping synth bass. Atop of Hungtai's textural work, Sapphire Slows emits silk-soft though cloudy calls.

"A good pop song that's well written can withstand the altering of genres and re-arrangements, like for example a Beatles song will always sound better as a midi-ringtone as opposed to a Rolling Stones song," Dirty Beaches explained in a statement. "When you strip away the stones swagger, the tune's diminished. But not the Beatles. Those melodies still shines right through. And Zach's song writing is similar to that. The core of the song was a classic, well written pop tune, and it would be interesting to switch the genre."

You can check out the remix down below, while the Lightweight EP arrives October 28 through Cantora.