Zomes Announce New LP for Thrill Jockey

Zomes Announce New LP for Thrill Jockey
After recently collaborating with Skull Defekts on their 2013-3012 album, former Lungfish member Asa Osborne has returned to his Zomes project and announced a new album.

The record is called Improvisations, and a press release explains that it sees Osborne exploring "the study of repetition and meditative repose. Simple melodic keyboard patterns overlay primitive drum loops... Patterns emerge and disintegrate, spaces expand and contract, all in a cyclic pattern that is by nature fixed and by design capable of transporting the listener to otherworldly states."

Look for Improvisations to drop on January 24 via Thrill Jockey. That super-minimal album art above is complemented by the equally sparse tracklisting below.


1. "No. 1"
2. "No. 2"
3. "No. 3"