Zombi Member Steve Moore's Score to 'The Guest' Gets Death Waltz Release

Zombi Member Steve Moore's Score to 'The Guest' Gets Death Waltz Release
Those movie-loving maniacs at the Death Waltz Recording Company have jammed yet another release into their already busy schedule, and this one's a doozy. Following today's earlier announcement of a Pye Corner Audio 10-inch, the label has now revealed this Tuesday (April 28) also sees the release of Zombi synth wizard Steve Moore's score to 2014 subversive action thriller, The Guest.

A press release [via HitFix] says that Moore's retro-style score is in line with The Terminator, classic John Carpenter and Cliff Martinez's work on Drive. It's said to showcase "great synth melodies" and "robotic electro music."

In addition to the 16 themes and incidentals from the film, the vinyl soundtrack release adds three pieces of music. One of those bonus tracks is the "Unused Chase Theme," which you can stream below along with the similarly themed movie piece, "After School."

The release features exclusive artwork from Alan Hynes, which you can see up above, and can be purchased through Mondo come Tuesday.

As previously reported, Death Waltz has at least two more soundtrack releases arriving next week. Though the details have yet to drop in full, posts made by Death Waltz head Spencer Hickman have fans speculating they'll be for Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and The Killer Nun. The full details are expected to arrive next week.

UPDATE: Death Waltz has now confirmed it's indeed releasing Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and The Killer Nun. Both go on sale April 28. 

The Guest:

1. Title

2. David

3. Some Gave All

4. The Guest

5. After School

6. Bar Fight

7. Day Break

8. KPG / The Deal, Part 1

9. The Deal, Part 2 / Grenades

10. The Guest Stalks

11. Good Luck / Anna & Luke

12. An Interesting Theory

13. Carver Arrives

14. Standoff / Too Many Complications / The Guest Escapes

15. He's Not Who You Think He Is / The Diner

16. Back To School

17. Atmospheres 1 (Bonus)

18. Atmospheres 2 (Bonus)

19. Unused Chase Theme (Bonus)