Zero Boys "Third Strike" (video)

Zero Boys 'Third Strike' (video)
Punk fans' prayers were recently answered when it was announced that Midwest hardcore troupe Zero Boys are issuing a new LP this year. Now, we get to see the band take a smarmy swing at people's faith in the new video behind Monkey's "Third Strike."

Tackling the televangelist circuit, we see the Zero Boys dressed up in suit and ties, playing to a crowd of believers. As the rest of the band crank out a "Livin' in the '80s"-style rock shuffle behind him, vocalist Paul Mahern swings a Bible with one paw, while using the other hand to heal the faithful. There are some religious fits to be seen, and a wide-eyed baptismal, but it's all poking fun at the lord above.

You can see the video down below. As previously announced, Monkey is the band's first album in 20 years, and it drops May 20, just after the Zero Boys head out on tour. The trip includes a Canadian stop in Vancouver, and you can see the show details here.