Zephyrs The Love That Will Guide You Back Home

Edinburgh's the Zephyrs reach Low's status of making music as quiet as field mice. On their four-song The Love That Will Guide You Back Home EP, the band relies on the absolute bare minimum to display their music. The first two tracks are brand new, showing where the band currently is at with their sound. The title track and "Carpentry" are both soft, lulled ballads that reach a nice level of ambience. And the other two songs are re-recordings from their limited debut album. What makes the EP most interesting is the hand given on the final track, "I Came For That," by Stuart and Barry of Mogwai. Yes, the track does sound more like a track from the pair's more established band, and it really is the highpoint of this EP, but the Zephyrs should not be overlooked, because the tracks they do on their own are quite good in their own right. (Acuarela)